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Category Archives: Teaching/Workshops

Defensible Space


Defensible Space was a two day seminar that looked at the ‘Architectures of Fear’, the ways that systems are designed to shape users’ behaviour – with emphasis on the ‘control of behavior’.

Imagining Space: notes from the underground, from above, from behind and within


Led by Canadian artist Michelle Teran, this two week workshop aims to explore how urban spaces can be observed, sensed, re-interpreted, accessed or occupied and will introduce strategies of live art, public intervention, cartography and visualization.

Getting from Point A to Point B


Practical Exercises – a simple action of walking from A to B points out the complexity of that experience. Instead of diminishing, amplifying the complexity of the urban experience.

Using Georges Perec as a reference point.

Space Between Laboratorium


The Space Between was an intensive eight-day laboratorium (25 May – 2 June 2007) held at the Beeldmedia Studio, the Waag and on the streets, for students of the MA Dance Unlimited programme of the AHK, students from the HKU and invited guests. The lab focussed on exploring and challenging the relation of the artist, performer and spectator to urban topologies of space and place.

Exploring Networked Space


Because media IS life / looking for invisible spaces exploring 2.4 GHz radio spectrum / how does space develop context / the narrative aspect of space.

Invisible Networks / Invisible Narratives


Exploring media spaces – how do invisible communication networks within a city intersect with the physical spaces around us?

The workshop Invisible Networks / Invisible narratives focussed on the private use of wireless technologies, everyday consumer devices, utilizing the unlicensed part of the radio spectrum.



Time_Place_Space is a national initiative that aims to challenge, invigorate and strengthen the area of hybrid arts practice in Australia, with an emphasis on performance. Research and development opportunities are developed alongside broader strategies that acknowledge the need for networks and structures to enable a sustainable arts practice.