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Category Archives: Telepresence/Web

The Hot Wired Live Electronic Resistance Network Art Party Plan


A weekend of ambient electronic theatre and live art activities from parallel performance spaces in Toronto, Moss (Norway) and Amsterdam joined through the internet.

Ménage à Trois


A human interface mediates conversations between online performers and the viewer sitting at the table.

Grrls Meet in Different Ways Now


Grrls Meet in Different Ways Now was a three month networked performance lab with Ellen Røed, a media artist from Trondheim, Norway. It developed from our mutual need to experiment with more enhanced and diverse forms of communication through the internet that accurately reflected ourselves as creative beings working and interacting online

Getting Ready


“Getting Ready” is a time-based web-cam performance and installation for internet broadcast. A video camera points at an empty white space. During the course of the presentation, a three dimensional recreation of Edgar Degas’ painting “La Famille Bellelli” is constructed and I enter the finished environment as an online avatar. Through this action a link is made between a virtual environment and a more traditional painterly depiction of space.



networked performance in collaboration with Amanda Steggell Link to project website