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in situ residency
installation and colloquium
La Chambre Blanche, Québec City
September 1st – 20th December, 2015
Opening event: 12th December, 2015

Conversations and exchanges on the right-to-housing and the fight against austerity.

With the participation of BAIL, Comité populaire de Saint-Jean-Baptiste, FRAPRU, Mères et Monde and Pech Sherpa.


Rupture Sessions



Download English version
Download French version

Rupture Sessions is a staging of a public reading of a conversation between a psychologist and four women living in Madrid about their personal experiences with eviction. The conversation took place as part of a research of the psychosocial impacts of eviction carried out by PAH Madrid. The PAH is a right-to-housing movement operating throughout Spain, established in 2009 to fill a gap insufficient measures within the government for dealing with the massive housing crisis and wave of evictions brought on by the global financial crisis.

Translated from the original recordings in Spanish into other languages (to date English and French), the transcript is a testimony to the everyday realities of contemporary crisis, bringing personal experiences into universal issues around social rupture and the disintegration of the home. The public reading of the text is a discussion and analysis of the conversation through aesthetic reflection. The circulation and introduction of the translated text into other configurations and conversations give impetus for reflection on issues, around contemporary crisis and its impacts on the home, a cross-pollination of ideas which takes place within a dialogical situation.

Mortgaged Lives – English translation



Written by two of the founders of the PAH, Mortgaged Lives explains the causes of and points towards those responsible for the Spanish mortgage crisis and the broader situation. Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany analyze the role of the public administration, reveal the fights carried out by the PAH through first-person accounts and offer advice and useful resources for defending the right to housing and avoiding abuses of power by banks and financial institutions.

Mortgaged Lives
Vidas Hipotecadas

By Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany
Prologues by Gerard Pisarello and José Coy

English translation by Michelle Teran, published by the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest with help by Traficantes de Sueños.

Mortgaged Lives


“Mortgaged Lives” examines the experience of rupture, through the loss of a home, within the Spanish eviction crisis.



Folgen, a 45-minute lecture performance, draws on the existing narratives of video makers found on YouTube to build a multi-layered media landscape of Berlin. My subjective approach, which weaves together mapping, literature and live performance, combines fragments of images and sound from YouTube videos with my own narration, using the traces video makers have left in the public sphere of the internet to follow people throughout the city. The performance is a deliberate mixing between reality and fiction, an interweaving narrative about desire.

Urban Takes Helsinki


Urban Takes Helsinki, a new project by Michelle Teran, looks at personal stories and different perspectives of Helsinki as depicted through online video. The project is created in collaboration with seven amateur videomakers living in the city who post their videos on YouTube.

Random Encounters


Urban Tour Link to Hacking the City project website Hello there. I really liked your videos and thanks for publishing them online so that I could have a look. I’m sorry that your girlfriend left you but, as you said, you were not very nice to her and you kind of deserved it. It’s really […]

Ilica 1


Ilica 1 is a street address in the centre of Zagreb and the address of the first business skyscraper in Croatia, built in the 50s, which is now rendered obsolete.

The project Ilica 1 is a docu-fictive narrative about urban housing in Zagreb, centred around how past, present and future public and private spaces are depicted via professional and amateur video found on YouTube. The videos include geo-locational information which links each video to the street address which it refers to. By combining both official and unofficial viewpoints, a story emerges from an uncoordinated and diverse collection of approaches and opinions around how urban spaces are depicted, designed, contested over and occupied.



The project ‘Folgen’ looks at the publication of personal archives and the tension between the public and private experience. This is explored by the personal experience of what it is like to follow somebody, first by monitoring the videos people put online, then following this information to actual physical addresses within the city where these videos were produced. Staged as a performance and installation, Folgen draws on the existing narratives of amateur video makers found on YouTube to build a multi-layered media landscape of Berlin.

Co miasto może zrobić dla Ciebie? (What can the City do for you?)


installation and intervention produced for the Mediations Biennale in Poznan, Poland Link to website Branding the terms “Biennale” and “European Capital of Culture” promotes a certain legitimacy to local cultural events in an attempt to make them attractive for corporate sponsorship (and city development) tying them to economic and political agendas. Art and culture are […]