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Buscando al Sr. Goodbar winner of Turku2011 digital media & art grand prix award

Buscando al Sr. Goodbar was awarded a shared first prize for the Turku2011 digital media & art grand prix within the Participative Media category. The 16,000 euro award was shared with Casey Pugh for his work Start Wars: Uncut.

In the participative category, the jury decided to share the first prize between two excellent projects. The winners Buscando al Sr. Goodbar by Michelle Teran and Star Wars: Uncut by Casey Pugh – highlight different ways of working with social media: one distinctly artistic and ethnographic, one in the crowdsourcing and fan fiction paradigm. Both projects use the full potential of the internet and social media tools and celebrate the user’s creativity in the fullest sense of the word.

1st price 8.000

Star Wars: Uncut by Casey Pugh

Star Wars: Uncut by Casey Pugh illustrates with brilliance the potentials of crowdsourcing. The project cuts up the original 1977 movie Star Wars: A New Hope into 15-second pieces and opens these for remakes by the film’s fans has received a fantastic input from engaged participants using a variety of techniques using animation, home video and parody.

Starwars Uncut has potential to become an idiomatic example in the crowdsourcing paradigm. It has the merit of servicing one of the most prolific fan fiction communities and providing them an audiovisual outlet. Here the creativity fo participants is truly celebrated, they are not reduced to artistic datadrones as is the case in some other crowdsourcing projects.

From project’s online video database, a linear edit of the film has been made by the artist aided by voting within the Vimeo and project community, primarily for legal reasons which limit the scope for non-linear playback.

1st Price 8.000

Buscando al Sr. Goodbar by Michelle Teran
Working in the paradigm of artist as ethnographer, Michelle Teran tracks internet DIY videomakers from the YouTube to their actual locations in Murcia, Spain.

Her internet research made her familiar with locals of the area, and resulted in a bus tour during which the artist and audience revisited the locations of the original videos and sometimes even met up with their makers to enjoy re-enactments of the original performances. During the journey, the artist acted as Google Earth Vj, playing videos within their longitude and latitude coordinates while also reflecting the itinerary of the bus in the mapping service.

The project shows greatest originality in a way that is playful but also risky: by entering the most personal private world of the real, the project shows that locative media is not about physical location: it’s about intimacy. The project collides the most personal with the most public, and reveals the localities within the global net.