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New Geographies Workshop

Location: Cultural Center CK in Skopje, Macedonia,
Date: 23-27 November, 2010.

Link to workshop website

Workshop on New Geographies led by Canadian Artist Michelle Teran. Organized by NGO Kontrapunkt and Line I+M and supported by the Geothe Institute, Skopje and the Robert Bosch foundation.

Workshop description:

The ever increasing proliferation of media generated through the collective use of mapping and image-making platforms are creating new ways of seeing and exploring the world. The New Geographies workshop will present practical, participatory and theoretical examples of how city views are being created through the use of image-making and mapping technologies. How is Skopje depicted through video and the cartographic perspective? In what way does it relate to the city as experienced from the ground level? How might one create a discursive space through critical debate around the relation of media to urban space? This workshop will focus on Skopje where a research will be carried out using geo-tagged video. Participants will observe the city to gain an understanding and sense of the conditions concerning placement of media within the urban environment, using this research to determine in what other ways Skopje could and should be depicted. This will take the form of an initial exploration and cartographic study of the local space, followed by production of videos and urban interventions and ending with a final public presentation where we share the workshop results through collaborative storytelling.