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NETWORKS (cells & silos)

Curator: Geraldine Barlow Monash University Museum of Art Caulfield Campus, Melbourne

Date: 1 February – 16 April 2011 Opening function: 3 – 5pm, Saturday 12 February

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NETWORKS (cells & silos) explores connections between artistic and visual representations of networks and the rapidly evolving fields of network science, communications and human relations.

Contemporary art and network science allow us to visualise a myriad of connective models, spanning the diverse realms of biological networks, as well as engineered, information, cognitive, semantic and social networks.

We increasingly live between the paradigms of network, cell and silo, more connected to each other than we’ve ever been, but potentially more isolated. NETWORKS (cells & silos) explores how a deeper understanding of network patterns and dynamics might allow a greater capacity to choose and manage change.