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Time_Place_Space is a national initiative that aims to challenge, invigorate and strengthen the area of hybrid arts practice in Australia, with an emphasis on performance. Research and development opportunities are developed alongside broader strategies that acknowledge the need for networks and structures to enable a sustainable arts practice.

Time_Place_Space 2 took place at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga from 21 September – 5 October, 2003. T_P_S 2 was the second phase of the Time_Place_Space initiative, and the second time the laboratory was held at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga.

Following a similar format to 2002, the laboratory was facilitated by national and international practitioners, and involved 20 participating Australian artists from diverse cultural, geographic and art form backgrounds.

The intensive lab provided an opportunity for participating artists to explore, debate, analyse and create. T_P_S 2 included developing participant-initiated projects, skills-based workshops, as well as lectures, conversations and debates. Two panel discussions were held during the workshop, with speakers invited to respond to topic areas. Speakers included Tony Ayres, John Baylis, Teresa Crea, Wesley Enoch, Anna Munster, and David Pledger.

Talks by Michelle Teran, one of the facilitators, were held just prior to the commencement of the workshop, and hosted by key contemporary art organisations in cities around Australia: Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and finishing in Wagga Wagga, offering the Australian arts community to engage in dialogue in an international context.