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participants: Ana Zubak, Rafaela Drazic, Nicole Hewitt, Jonas Staal, Dusica Drazic, Dubravka Sekulic, Michelle Teran, Clemence Agnez, Srecko Horvat, Irfan Hosic, KUD Obrat, Trenton Oldfield (TINAG), Bojan Mucko, CEFAS, URBAN VEGETABLE PATCH, 7 DAYS OF CREATION

After the research and production of new site-specific works in the first half of the year, from the 6th to the 9th of October we are presenting the conference section of the festival that brings together scholars, artists and all those concerned about these issues: “He Who Dares Wins: City Space as a Field of Struggle”, “Hidden Histories: The Ideologies and Identities of a City”, “Resistance to the Disappearance of Public Space,” and, “In the Gap: Exploring the Social Space Between the Private and the Public.”

In the framework of the programme we are also presenting performances of new projects based on long-term research by Canadian artist Michelle Teran and Belgrade architect Dubravka Sekulic who will lead us through two special tours of Zagreb.

In her work Ilica 1 which begins on Sunday at 11 with a performance in Cinema Gric and continues with a tour through various private and public spaces, Teran builds a docu-fictive narrative of urban housing based on her research ofĂ‚  Zagreb conducted via Youtube

Dubravka Sekulic’s new project Few Things I know about skyscrapers is a web archive and a tour presenting an overview of housing in Zagreb skyscrapers, from modernist “Right to Housing” to the socialist amendments to laws regarding their construction.The performance begins at 3pm on Sunday in front of one of the most famous Zagreb residential towerblocks , the ‘Vitic building’,

The course, On Buildings and People, curated by Petar Milat and featuring works by Angela Schanelec and Heinz Emigholz will take place from Friday to Sunday.

The conference is a space for the presentation of newly produced projects and the research behind them, a space of reflection, criticism and discussion. In this sense UrbanFestival ignores everything that enters into the standard definition of a festival and does not fit in to the current festivalisation of culture.