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Urban Takes Helsinki presented at Media Façades Festival in Helsinki

Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2012, August 23-26, 2012 is an international festival to present media and electronic art projects in public space. The festival focuses on artistic interventions which open up the spatial and social experience of the city, by an innovative use of the visual, interactive and participatory potentials of media and architecture. The objective is to present new insights into the urban environment and to encourage a debate about the uses of public / media space.

The first edition of the festival was organized in Helsinki 2010, and it presented over 30 media art projects within a network of 7 European cities. Media Facades Helsinki 2012 marks the launch of European Urban Media Network for Connecting Cities, a 4-year initiative of 11 cities to create a common infrastructure for co-production and presentation of art projects in urban space.

The 2012 festival presents a set of participatory media projects (August 23-26, Lasipalatsi Square), an international seminar co-organized with Aalto University’s City Sets project (August 23-24, Lume Media Centre), live events during the Night of the Arts (August 23, Lasipalatsi Square, mbar) well as workshops, guided tours and a poster campaign. Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2012 is an independent part of the Helsinki Festival programme.

For Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2012, Canadian artist Michelle Teran presents Urban Takes Helsinki. Urban Takes Helsinki looks at personal stories and different perspectives of Helsinki as depicted through online video. The project is created in collaboration with seven amateur videomakers living in the city who post their videos on YouTube.

Each videomaker is active in documenting their city surroundings, though in distinctly individual ways. Together these collections form a social map of the city, creating a container of stories within the streets and neighbourhoods of Helsinki. For Urban Takes Helsinki, videomakers are invited to talk about their personal archives to reflect on their views of the city and how they see themselves in it.

The festival is produced by m-cult in cooperation with Helsinki Festival, Aalto University / City Sets, and Lasipalatsi Media Centre, and realized with support from the EU Culture programme, Helsinki Cultural Office and AVEK.