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TEA Collective Wisdom

Location: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
Dates: 13.10 – 23.12.2012
Exhibiting Artists: Amy Hoy (U.S.A), Thomas Fuchs(Austria), Ars Electronica Futurelab (Austria), Christopher Baker( U.S.A.), SENSEable City Lab (U.S.A.), Michelle Teran(Canada), Aaron Koblin (U.S.A.), João Henrique Wilbert (Brazil), Nova Jiang (New Zealand), Peter Edmunds ( Australia) Scott Draves (U.S.A.), Egret Culture and Education Foundation (Taiwan) Alessandro Ludovico (Italy), Paolo Cirio (Italy), Kyle McDonald (U.S.A.), PureIs Chi Tzu-Heng, Cho Li-Hang, Lee Chi-Ying, Lin Ting-Taï (Taiwan)

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TEA/Collective Wisdom 2012 International Techno Art Exhibition is organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. It is jointly curated by Shu-Min LIN, Gerfried Stocker and Manuela Naveau, curators from Ars Electronica. The theme Collective Wisdom intends to explore the phenomenon occurring in the era of social media, whereby in addition to the creative shifts in how messages are delivered. It also looks into how participants of art have expanded from being individuals to becoming a virtual unit. Furthermore, with continuous public participations, the collective wisdom is able to let art to become communal and action-based.

TEA = Technology + Entertainment + Art. Observing the technological interfaces, the developments of technology allow people to break primal barriers constrained by space and time, and users are able to soar to the clouds. Internet resource sharing, online virtual world, and social media have all created pioneering cultural activities that are boarder-less and communal, which have also shifted the focal point from the elites to groundbreaking public collective actions. Technological developments have altered the way human culture is produced, and made entertainment act as emotional outlets.

There are 17 pieces of artworks exhibited which presents the four dimensions of TEA– Socialize or die (dive)! Hyper Trip, Wisdom Association, and Inter-struction. The core value of TEA is based on social interactions transmitting interactive messages or beliefs. The wordplay also signifies the spreading of an aroma, and how it could permeate through walls and confinements and expand continuously through the powers of social media. The amalgamation of the internet and communities builds up dialogues, spreads the impacts and spurs issues. As the trinity of technology, entertainment, and art are combined as one, TEA becomes the grand embodiment of all senses.