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Rethinking Censorship: Aesthetics

University of Copenhagen
March 13-14, 2013
Karen Blixensvej 1, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

The conference, ‘Rethinking Censorship’, is a joint venture of the research network Negotiating (In)visibilities (, the research network (Self)Censorship and the Centre for Modern European Studies ( During the two days we hope to address conceptual, historical and contemporary aspects of regulatory and structural censorship in the fields of arts, technology and law.  In particular, the conference will explore European aesthetic aspects of censorship and new forms of censorship across the public-private divide as well as undertake related investigations of what becomes (in)visible in particular spatial and cultural settings, from the 17th century till the present.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

9.00-9.15: Coffee

9.15-9.30: Introduction

9.30-10.30: Keynote

  • Lydia Goehr (Dept. Philosophy, Columbia University): Copyright Law and the Work-Concept
    • Chair: Nanna Thylstrup

10.30-11.00: Coffee

11.00-12.30: Paper session I: Code, law and un-politics of emotions

  • Morten Rosenmeier (Dept. Law, University of Copenhagen): Freedom of Expression and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Stina Teilmann-Lock (Dept. of Design and Communication, University of Sourthern Denmark): ‘Purity and honesty in the world of literature, music and art’: On droit moral and free expression
  • Victoria Nash (Oxford Internet Institute): Active Choice or Censorship? The Un-politics of Child Protection
    • Chair: Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

12.30-13.30: Lunch

13.30-15.00 Paper session II: Emancipation and Suppression

  • Klaus Krüger (Dept. of Art History, Freie Universität): Visual Structures, Authorizing Discourse and Meaning in the Italian Renaissance
  • Nan Gerdes (Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen): Daring to move forward. Marquis de Sade on the genre of the novel
  • Tue Andersen Nexø (Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen): Censorship or chaos? Breakdown of censorship in England, 1641-1649
    • Chair: Anne Fastrup

15.00–16.00: Keynote:

  • Jonathan Katz (Dept. of Art History, Buffalo University): Policing the Postmodern: How Passive Censorship Decenters and Recenters Meaning
    • Chair: Henrik Reeh

17.00-18.00: Excursion:

  • Anders Toftgaard (Dept. of Manuscripts and Rare Books): The ‘Hidden’ Archive at the Royal Library of Copenhagen. Naturalia non sunt turpia

18.30: Dinner at Il Buco

Thursday, 14 March

9.00-9.15: Introduction

  • Julie Sommerlund (Associate dean for external relations, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen): Censorship and the aesthetic field

9.15-10.15 Keynote:

  • Alexander Galloway (Dept. of Media and Communication, NYU): The Black Box
    • Chair: Mikkel Bolt

10.15-10.30: Coffee

10.30-12.00: Paper session III: Algorithms: authority and control

  • Taina Bucher (Dept. of Media and Communication, University of Oslo): Algorithmic power and the threat of invisibility of Facebook
  • Anders Søgaard (Centre for Language Technology, University of Copenhagen): Censorship as a game
  • Stefan Gradmann (Library Director, Leuven University): The politics of vocabulary control
    • Chair: Ulrik Ekman

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-14.00: Keynote:

  • Arie Graafland (Dept. of Architecture, University of Hong Kong): The Dance of Versailles
    • Chair: Alfred Jacoby

14.00-14.30: Coffee

14.30-16.00: Paper session IV: Mapping, Grey Zones and the Urban Context

  • Jeanne Haffner (History of Science, Harvard University): Street Views: Mapping and Censorship after the Pegman
  • Michelle Teran (artist, Bergen Academy of Art and Design): Future Guide for Cities
  • David Pinder (Queen Mary, University of London): Counter-Cartography: Making Things Visible
    • Chair: Rikke Platz Cortsen

16.00-16.15: Concluding remarks