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Urban Knights

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Urban Knights is a programme of events, which provokes and promotes practical approaches to urban change. The programme brings together people who are actively creating alternatives, which reflect or produce disruptions to our given city infrastructures, norms and perceptions.

Date: Tue 29 Apr, 2014
Location: LEAP, Leipziger Str. 63 (Ecke Markgrafenstraße.), 10117, Berlin
Time: 19.00-21.00


Michelle Teran [CA/DE]
Canadian born artist, living and working in Berlin discusses her upcoming feature film Mortgaged Lives. The film addresses how the global, financial crash disrupted the Spanish housing market, leading to an eviction crisis, which gave rise to new forms of social arrangements and redefined notions of home and homelessness.

Rosario Talevi [AR/DE]
Architect and film-maker presents a selection of case studies from Berlin, which illustrate how community lead groups can give rise to informal urbanism which is challenging how we manage and implement new urban developments within our city.

G Beaudin [US/DE]
Actor, director and producer discusses his current project WALK! an autobiographical documentary and investigation, which takes his indigenous Cherokee family history as a starting point to discuss wider issues of forced relocation, heritage and identity

Urban Knights is curated and moderated by Teresa Dillon. The programme is produced in partnership with Transmediale, Denkerei, LEAP & Studio Weise7, Berlin & Science Gallery, Dublin with support from Dublin City Council.