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D+T Masterclass at Parsons Paris

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What: D+T Masterclass
What: A methodology of tracking
When: Monday 27th of April, 12-3pm
Where: Parsons Paris room 500
Who: Michelle Teran

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This seminar will focus on the processual approaches to looking and watching, but not in a representational sense: looking at how watching becomes a methodology of tracking. Watching as a tracking which involves online tracking, but can lead to a spatial one as well, an inside the skin in a narrative sense. How does one conceptualize this? How does one do watching? In this seminar I will discuss methods of tracking information and the study of datasets. How do we, as artists, sort through data, follow its traces, create narratives from it, and even include other people within the making of an artwork.The seminar will begin with a lecture performance, and will be followed by a presentation and discussion of artistic works that use narrativization and tracking.