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in situ residency
installation and colloquium
La Chambre Blanche, Québec City
September 1st – 20th December, 2015
Opening event: 12th December, 2015

Conversations and exchanges on the right-to-housing and the fight against austerity.

With the participation of BAIL, Comité populaire de Saint-Jean-Baptiste, FRAPRU, Méres et Monde and Pech Sherpa.

During a four-month residency in Québec City, I carried out research on issues around the right-to-housing within Québec and within the scope of recent protests against governmental austerity measures. In my residency project, I followed the work of five different community organizations who advocate the right-to-housing: Pech-Sherpa, BAIL, Comité Populaire Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Méres et Monde and FRAPRU.

Five short films made from these encounters focused on the work carried out by each organization: which establish the connection between housing and other social issues: health, education, labor and gender equality. Video reportages of anti-austerity direct actions and protests, which occurred throughout October and November in Québec City, accompanied the films. These included La Nuit des Sans-Abri (The Night of the Homeless) and various moments around the social strike (occupations of banks and government offices, street protests, etc) by over 1600 community organizations throughout Québec.

The films were presented as a gallery installation, combined with several artifacts from my current research on the right-to-housing movement in Spain. The main highlight was a staging of a public reading of a conversation between a psychologist and four women living in Madrid concerning their experience with eviction. The transcript of the conversation Rupture Sessions was translated into French and read by representatives from Pech-Sherpa, BAIL, Comité Populaire Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Méres et Monde.

More information about Rupture Sessions.

Link to all films on Vimeo


Comité Populaire de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Nicolas Lefebre-Legault
Marie-Éve Duchesne

Méres et Monde
Karine Bourget
Véronique Boufford
Diane Thibault

Véronique LaFlamme

Jonathan Carmichael
Nicole Dionne

Benoit Côté
Gilles Simard
Pierre Frappier

Translation: Claude Chevalot
Poster: Carol Bezil-Normand
Camera: Marion Gotti, Michelle Teran, Gustavo Saldaña
Photo Documentation: Ivan Binet
Editor: John Blouin, Marion Gotti, Michelle Teran
Research Assistance: Suzie Genest and Gilles Simard

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