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Artistic Research will Eat Itself Conference

Michelle Teran, together with Frans Jacobi (KMD, Bergen) will lead “perception crisis machine conglomerate, a workshop which explores the machinic methods of the ongoing artistic research SYNSMASKINEN. (

The provocation Artistic Research Will Eat Itself can be understood as a warning against the dangers of methodological introspection, or as a playful invitation to explore the possibilities of a field in a constant state of becoming. In this context, the cannibalism of artistic research eating itself embodies a dynamic tension between self-destruction and regeneration.

Critical perspectives on the discourse surrounding artistic research might be argued to already be too formulaic or self-defeating. Making a case for its own institutional legitimacy could unwittingly reinforce some of the very things artistic research aims to critique. Yet such onto-epistemological paradoxes can offer a rich territory for exploration along with generative practices that involve reflexivity, automorphogenesis, and recursive feedback loops. In recognising auto-cannibalism as an analogy for broader socio-political and environmental concerns, one of the challenges for artistic research is to respond imaginatively to the dynamic tensions between self-destruction and regeneration.