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Everything Gardens! Growing from the Ruins of Modernity

Everything Gardens! Growing from the Ruins of Modernity, edited by Marc Herbst and Michelle Teran, outlines a pedagogical model that is intended to remain useful throughout Berlin’s next 99 years, through the ravages of climate change and social upheaval. This model is centred in Berlin’s Prinzessinnengarten at Moritzplatz and developed under the moniker of Nachbarschaftsakademie (The Neighborhood Academy). The Nachbarschaftsakademie (NAK) was created in 2015 as a self-organized platform for collective learning, bringing together critical artistic practices and urban and rural activism. The NAK is an educational project bound up with an ecosystem of other projects that share similar goals in Berlin’s Prinzessinnengarten – guiding an eco-social practice over time.

Informed by the concept of “staying with the trouble,” it names key issues, while seeking an ethno-poetic approach that energizes, orients and sustains the project for the duration. The book serves to document the conflicts that inform the garden project today. At the same time, while cataloging the 2019 summer course offerings.

PAGES: 144
EDITORS: Marc Herbst and Michelle Teran
ISBN:  978-3-943253-33-7
DESIGNER: Luca Bogoni
PUBLISHER: adocs Verlag

Everything Gardens! Growing from the Ruins of Modernity is part of the three book boxed set Licht Luft Scheisse. Perspectives on Ecology and Modernity. Volume 1 documents the exhibition Archaeologies of Sustainability at the neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK); Volume 2 is dedicated to the teaching and event program Growing from the Ruins of Modernity at the Nachbarschaftsakademie im Prinzessinnengarten Kreuzberg; and Volume 3 looks back on the exhibition Über Nature at the Botanical Museum Berlin.