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Workshop: To Sleep Comfortably in Common: Working through and with Difference


To Sleep Together in Comfort (Which is Politics)


Workshop, 2021
Marc Herbst and Michelle Teran

A workshop on generative conflict and difference. This workshop was a semi-closed event, and embedded within the 2021 version of the Climate Care festival, curated by Soft Agency for the Floating University in Berlin. Participants invited to spend the night in the basin at the Floating University campus were members of the floating e.V and invited guests.

How can we create and maintain a generative space where not everybody agrees but manages to nourish comfort? Can we recognize difference and disagreement as abundance? Where does disagreement not mean failure? What is the feeling of the individual in the differentiated collective? These are affective and grounding questions.


Slow Reading Group


The SLOW READERS are an informal research group.

Against the pace of infinite urgencies surrounding AI and gender inequality, the SLOW READERS have embraced deceleration to look at gender inequality & AI. Their research is emergent, transdisciplinary, and at times, rubbing against the grain of linear logic. Rather than streamlining for clarity, SLOW READERS engage in a range of reading methodologies to persistently move through and engage with the quagmire.




Synsmaskinen is an artistic research conglomerate based at the Institute of Art at the University of Bergen. Synsmaskinen proposes a multifaceted inquiry into contemporary crises. Through a variety of interrelated artistic projects, a politically-charged horizon comes into focus: apocalyptic abysses, systemic entanglements, and hyper-complex realities.

Globalised economy and culture are intertwined, forming a complex knot of overlaps and messy interconnections. Thus, in looking at climate crises one is implicitly confronted with financial crises and social crises. Given the intricacy of such structures, one method for understanding and facing these crises could be to examine certain manifestations and elements of their fallout. In this way, the inscribed objects or phenomena dealt with in the Synsmaskinen projects can be considered symptoms, symbols, contemplations – or perhaps as interventions into the crises themselves.

The name Synsmaskinen is taken from the Danish and Norwegian translations of Paul Virilio’s seminal book on the techniques of perception, La Machine De Vision. This title has inspired the overall structure and methodology of the project. SYN=vision / MASKIN=machine.


Keynote: To Learn in Common (Which is Politics) 


Keynote: Michelle Teran, To Learn in Common (Which is Politics) 
Kunstinstituut Melly  
Friday 25 September 2021 
7-9 pm  

To Learn in Common (Which is Politics)
Emergent research on transformative pedagogy. 

This lecture and launch of the publication Situationer Workbook/Cookbook connect to emergent research around transformative pedagogy. It comes from the impetus to go back to the drawing board, in order to imagine other possible perspectives on learning and education. The research situates itself around a banner on a fire escape, a water basin, an urban garden, gymnasium, climate justice camp, a community space, and a mending shop, among others. 


Keynote: Rethinking Publicness – Today and Tomorrow 


Keynote: Michelle Teran, Rethinking Publicness – Today and Tomorrow 
Göteborgs Konsthall 
Wednesday 13 October 2021 
1-4 pm 

Rethinking Publicness – today and tomorrow explores the meaning of publicness and what this concept entails from the perspective of art. Göteborgs Konsthall, HDK-Valand, and Gibca have jointly invited a number of internationally practicing artists to share their experiences of working under conditions that have a critical impact on artistic creativity and participation. The artists talk about different methods of doing and thinking during the pandemic and reflect on what the encounter between art and audience can entail in the future. 


Lecture: The Digital Dérive: Embodied Experiments in Practising the Social during the Apocalypse 


Lecture: Michelle Teran, The Digital Dérive: Embodied Experiments in Practising the Social during the Apocalypse 
Event by HKB Vermittlung / Art EducationFachbereich Kunst und Bildung – Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien  
Wednesday 13 October 2021 
6-7:30 pm  


Keynote: On Reflection and Artistic Practice


Keynote: Florian Cramer and Michelle Teran
3rd Conference Creator Doctus project on 3rd cycle model for Higher Arts Education (HAE). Organized by Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Date: Sunday 31 October 2021
Conference Venue: IJver Amsterdam

The programme offers:
– contributions from Florian Cramer, Michelle Teran and the exhibiting artists
– moderated discussions
– presentation of the CrD book and framework for a practice-based arts 3rd cycle degree

The ambition with the Creator Doctus project (co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union) is to enable Higher Arts Education Institutions in all countries signed up to the Bologna Declaration to be able to independently enter into the 3rd Cycle level with an award recognised at the same level of, and equivalent to, PhD.


Keynote: Emergent perspectives: Listening with, Learning with, in Dialogue with


Keynote: Michelle Teran
Codarts Research Festival
Monday 1 March 2021
10 am-4:30 pm

Emergent perspectives: Listening with, Learning with, in Dialogue with

Let’s begin with a retelling. A small group of learners, carrying a motley collection of used chairs, move in a single line procession towards a street in the North of Rotterdam. They walk up the stairs into an empty apartment and place the chairs, transferred from other locations and social settings, in a circle in the living room. So culminates the first action in the Study Kitchen of the Performative Action course, WdKA Social Practices.


Pandemic Exchange: How Artists Experience the COVID-19 Crisis

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Book launch of Pandemic Exchange in Rotterdam with Josephine Bosma, Michelle Teran and Daniela De Paulis.

Event by 
Location: Leeszaal West, Rijnhoutplein 3 
Satursday 16 October 2021 
4:30-6:30 pm 

Theory on Demand #41 Pandemic Exchange: How Artists Experience the COVID-19 Crisis
Edited by Josephine Bosma

News reports on the Covid-19 pandemic seldom include how the virus and the societal lockdowns affect artists. A lively circuit of cultural events, meetings, and exhibitions has come to an almost complete stop, leaving artists often not just with a significant drop in income but also bereft of their vital and supporting social communities. Art writer and curator Josephine Bosma, feeling quite cut off herself after a year of lockdowns and too much screen time, saw both desperate and relieved outcries from artists popping up through the glossy algorithmic veneer on social media. She decided to reach out to some of the more outspoken voices. From this an interview project was born, which grew into this collection of heartfelt stories and brief reports from artists trying to survive the pandemic and sometimes finding unexpected ways to do so.