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Morten Lind and Michelle Teran – Man and machine, Who controls whom?


Thursday, February 16
Kunsthall Trondheim

Have we subjected ourselves to machines, or do they constitute new ways for us to organize? Research Scientist in Robotics at SINTEF Morten Lind, and newly appointed Associate Professor at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT) Michelle Teran, will give us a critical insight in to contemporary relationships between technology, work and the human body.

Traditionally machines have been developed to replicate working tasks performed by the human body but now we are also developing systems to perform tasks done by the human mind. Because of this we have to evaluate current technological developments as well as rethink our relationship with our tools.

Morten Lind will share his knowledge about the development of cyber-physical systems; systems for complex tasks using internet-, user and algorithmic data, while Teran will tell us about her many experiences with technology, as a tool for social organization. More…

Future Guides for Cities: From Information to Home


“Future Guides: From Information to Home” is an artistic research project on following: how to practice and theorize following. It was carried out between 2010-2014 within the Norwegian Artistic Fellowship Programme and around the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. A final exhibition of my artistic research, “Your Revolution Begins at Home“, took place at the USF Gallery and Cinemateket in Bergen, September 4-14, 2014. “Confessions of an Online Stalker“, a critical reflection text on artistic results of the research, was submitted in 2015.

Link to Critical reflection


The Obra Social Manual


Book translation, 2016

Related projects: Dignity / Dignidad, The Reclaiming Workshop

The Obra Social Manual, a 25-page manual of civil disobedience on the tactics of recuperating houses- a direct action how-to. The manual describes the tactics of the Obra Social campaign launched by the PAH in 2012. It offers a step-by-step guide for reinstating the social use of empty housing owned by banks, by putting them in the hands of evicted individuals and families. The Obra Social manual is a model for alternate approaches to living in times of crisis. It provides a step-by-step guide to recuperation: how to find buildings, which buildings to target, the relation between real-estate speculation and eviction, how to enter a building, and how stay once you are inside.

The Obra Social (Social Work) Manual is a translation project initiated by artist Michelle Teran and published by The Journal of Aesthetics& Protest. The English translation accompanies Dignity / Dignidad, a feature-length film about an Obra Social building in Mosteles, Madrid, and the Reclaiming Workshop, both developed in 2016.

The original Spanish version was released by the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH) in 2013.
Download English version here.


Dignity / Dignidad


Film, 88 mins, 2016

Related projects: The Reclaiming Workshop and the Obra Social Manual.

Dignity / Dignidad is a film about strategies of recuperation in times of crisis. Recuperation, in a literal sense, means the recovery or regaining of something.

The film focuses on La Dignidad, a residential building in Mostoles, a suburb of Madrid. The building was constructed during the real-estate boom but never occupied after the property market collapsed following the Spanish financial crisis starting in 2008. Housing activists from Stop Desahucios (Stop Evictions) in Mostoles took over the building in June 2014, and christened it La Dignidad. The activists made the decision to take over the building when they realized that more and more people coming to the weekly housing assemblies were either already homeless or were about to be evicted the following week. There are fifty people, individuals, and families, currently living in La Dignidad, 18 are children under the ages of 10.


Reclaiming Workshop


public intervention, 2016

Related projects: Dignity / Dignidad and the Obra Social Manual.

The Reclaiming Workshop is an exchange of models and strategies on the relations between places, materials and performative actions that are produced in the context of reclaiming.

Link to event page

The workshop was initially developed for the Neighborhood Academy program of 2016, which focused on forms of collective learning. Located in the Prinzessinnengarten, an urban garden located around Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg, the Neighborhood Academy is a self-organized open platform for urban and rural knowledge sharing, cultural practice and activism. Die Laube, a three-story experimental treehouse is the headquarters for the academy, and which provides a space for self-organized, community-oriented and future-oriented learning. The Reclaiming Workshop took place with the participation of various grassroots initiatives and affinity groups operating with Berlin, connected by the fight for the right to the city, and strategies for reclaiming. We officially launched the event by hanging protest banners used by each of the participating groups on the façade of Die Laube, thereby designating it as a space for collective learning.


CRIC (criticism – reaction – idea – confrontation) festival for critical culture


Date: 18.11 – 03.12.2016
Locations: Cinematheque of Macedonia, The National Gallery of Macedonia “Cifte Amam” in Skopje

The thematic program of CRIC is created with the goal to stimulate critical debate in the public sphere, a crucial component in the promotion of the socio-cultural capital being a core deeply ingrained within the most relevant political and societal themes: human rights, the right to culture, identity issues, violence in the public sphere through the political and economical apparatus, as well as strengthening of communities through cultural and artistic practices.

Exhibition “Archives of violence”
Participating artists: Sonya Schönberger, Michelle Teran, Hristina Ivanoska, Gjorgje Jovanovic, Memory of the world (Tomislav Medak & Marcell Mars), Zeyno Pekünlü.
Curator Archives of Violence: Elena Veljanovska

Exhibition “From Diaspora to Diversities”
Participating artists: Ivana Ivkovic, Rajko Radovanovic, Mladen Bundalo, Neli Ruzic, Nada Prlja, diSTRUKTURA
Curators From Diaspora to Diversities: Miroslav Karic, Janka Vukmir More…

Artistic Courage in the Time of Immediacy Seminar


Date: Thursday, November 3, 10am – 4pm
Location: Kunsthall Trondheim
Presenters: Åshild Adsen, Helena Holmberg, Marit Paasche, Åse Løvgren, Michelle Teran

Link to seminar information

The seminar Artistic Courage in a Time of Immediacy will be held at Kunsthall Trondheim this coming Thursday, in conjunction with The Hannah Ryggen Triennale 2016. Over the past few years there has been a renewed interest in the political aspects of art: artists using their political and social commitment as the basis for their artistic production. It is within this framework that Hannah Ryggen has gained renewed interest.


Radio Symposium LaPublika


An international radio-symposium about art and public sphere, with almost 100 participants, conversations, music, performances and sound installations.

LaPublika is a programme of activities concerning the way artistic practices construct the public sphere. We understand public sphere to be spaces considered to be public (the street, the square, the city), such as the internet or the communications media, and the mechanisms with which we participate in managing what is common (language, rites, norms, the aesthetic of collective processes). At a time when new social and civic paradigms are arising, LaPublika seeks to provide a framework of work and reflection upon those processes.


Michelle Teran shows her film DIGNIDAD / DIGNITY at Nachbarschaftsakademie


In the Neighborhood Academy Michelle Teran will show for the second time her new film DIGNITY / DIGNIDAD (2016, Spanish with English subtitles)

August 4 20:00-22:00
Prinzessinnenstr. 15
10969 Berlin

The Neighborhood Academy in Prinzessinnengarten is a self-organized open platform for urban and rural knowledge sharing, cultural practice and activism.

Link to Neighborhood Academy website

Film synopsis:
Dignity / Dignidad is a film by Michelle Teran about strategies of recuperation in times of crisis. Recuperation, in a literal sense, means the recovery or regaining of something.


metroZones Schule THE CAMP 2016


MetroZones Schule THE CAMP //// Assamblea of connecting spaces and practices
Donnerstag 15. Sonntag 18. September 2016
HAMBURG fux Kaserne

link to website and detailed programme

At the end of summer, we invite you to the fux // kaserne Hamburg in order to join our four-day camp that is also known as Versammlung or Asamblea the lynchpin of the 2016 metroZones school of urban practices. Here, we will bring together, develop, discuss, and present those concepts and tools of connecting urban spaces and practices, digital as well as analogue.