New Geographies (Day 1) : p2

Comment: Please can we see something less political

Comment: Puppies!

Comment: Somebody having fun in the city for a change. We can invite them for the presentation.

Comment: Ah, parkour! I like the animation. You can do better than that. He looks like he’s the alpha male.

Comment: This is a video of a drunk guy. I think I remember this and maybe even filmed it. The river is so polluted that you never see people in it, which also makes this video very odd. The person who is recording is acting like a reporter and is inventing stuff of why he would want to drown himself. It’s funny that they are blurring their faces and just showing him. Nobody is stopping him, maybe he is suffering.

Comment: They are all recording. It is very emotional. When something is happening in the elementary school they are all recording. You cannot have a proper fight these days without everybody filming. Maybe this is the direction that we are heading.

Comment: This whole act of making it, naming it and putting it on line. This is already enough for me. There is something to this very act of doing it. Yes, it’s a meaningless act. You mean meaningful? This is a discussion.

Comment: You can tell it is filmed with a mobile phone.

Comment: It’s cute

Comment: The first snow

Comment: Now you see me, now you don’t!

Comment: Here’s the tags… Shutka, Roma, Kids, Soup Kitchen, Christian, Children’s Ministry

Comment: This is the opening of a huge restaurant complex that has a plaza. It’s a really large complex, Roma style. This is located in the Roma settlement, close to the cemetary. The clientele is the local Roma population. It opened a couple of months ago. The owner of the complex is the owner of a fabric shop. It’s an old private company from the 80s, when private companies were not as developed.

Comment: Children playing before the kitchen.

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