New Geographies (Day 1): p3

We know this person, he works for the radio and he’s in Elena’s exhibition. What is the relation to the marker? I think he’s marked where he lives. At least he lives in this municipality. His name is Ivan Ivanovski.

Comment: Elvis is his name. He’s a roma. It’s a common Roma name. Pize, he’s talking to him and he’s probably putting up the videos. He’s very famous because you can see him everywhere. He’s sometimes selling, sometimes helping. The title is “devaluation of macedonian currency” (translation of title). He’s very political. He’s a strong local fixture / personality. He’s famous to those that are interested in knowing these type of people in the city. The person that he’s talking to in the city is also well-known. He used to play in a band, local socialite.

Comment: He’s been known to say that sometimes this is better than sex. We know him, he’s a friend of ours. He’s placed 2nd place in the regional competition. He’s also a sculptor and a punk musician. He could do this for us whenever we wanted. We could definitely invite and ask him to perform.

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