New Geographies (Day 2)

Today I continued the workshop in Skopje with another day of exploring the city via the locating and watching of geo-tagged videos. We decided to devote two days to this research which will provide the material towards developing projects and final presentations. Here are the findings for today:

Comment: This is my neighborhood. I live across the street from there. There are new street names so nobody knows them yet. They are even still using the old street names on administrative and identification documents.
Even on the documents / ids. they still use the old names.

It would be funny if somebody would send us messages. For people in the know, like the two architecture students of yesterday. What if they suddenly sent us messages via these geo-tagged videos that we would then unintentionally find.

Comment: This is really personal, like a confession. This is like sending us a message. Maybe this was the message you were waiting for.

“Nobody knows what it’s like to be mistreated”
“Nobody knows what it’s like to be hated”

This video was published today. She’s going through a gender change. Maybe she’s a hermaphrodite. I think this is a female to male gender change. Is this genuine? Is this a trick?

My cousin came out on Facebook. He posted a letter on notes. He said that he wouldn’t talk about it personally, just on Facebook. He did it because he didn’t want to approach everybody individually and also because he’s in a family with many manly guys. He had many biased reactions from his posting, but this is how he chose to do it. The next day he posted a picture with his boyfriend.

Maybe we can contact this person.

I don’t believe it happened, because there’s no transgender phenomenon here or at least most of them are known within artistic and politically active groups. Somebody from my circle would know him.

I somebody would come out in this way, then he would use fake photos. I think this is based on a real situation, but he’s using fake photos.

Okay, where are the images coming from then?

But maybe he hasn’t come out to people that he wouldn’t be comfortable around. He’s 19.

Is it medically logical that this is happening?
Is this an actual confession?
But there is something behind it, so that he’s motivated to do so.
This whole topic is very touchy topic.
The issue of queerness is this very touchy and taboo.
No matter, there is a story or motivation behind who produced this.

Comment: He’s posted two. He’s a transguy

“Memory of the past to one happy FTM Transguy! 🙂

He’s not addressing his local surroundings because he’s using English.
It’s some kind of coming out, but he’s keeping a low profile.
Which video had more hits and why did he make the second video?

Maybe he’s looking for a soul mate beyond his surroundings. He’s modeling a coming out approach based on something he’s seen.

“until one year ago i was hiding and now i feel different”

I think he lives abroad now. He mentions Belgrade. Maybe because the clinic is better there.

If you have something to say, the world has to hear it. And you have to say it. I dealt with my own demons and faced with everyone else’s demons, and I still persist to be the best person I know to be!

Comment: These two are good examples what what we are going through. They are both about transitions or towards the ending of a transition and towards an identity.

Comment: What we are looking at is related to out previous talk about posing / posturing and mimicry which is related to how the gaze becomes embedded in the (camera) screen. What we are seeing is a projection of how you would already imagine yourself as subject translated into image.

Another example of a couple presenting themselves through Facebook is a guy I know who is a member of my sister’s band. He’s Albanian and Muslim, coming from a traditional family and in a relationship with a Macedonian Christian girl. So they put this relationship online, like putting it in everybody’s faces and giving it an extra aura. They even changed their names on Facebook. The guy’s name sounds more Macedonian and her’s Albanian. So in this way they start to merge and fight the stigma. Which is another local issue.

Comment: It’s a show about Facebook status and updates. Throughout the program they are reading through updates and talking about the guest’s Facebook profile. They read and go through the profile and then comment on television and Facebook simultaneously. This is similar to what we are doing here. We are commenting on social media and then bringing it back to life.

Comment: It sounds like a cooking show. This has to go viral. I just noticed the coffee stain.

Comment: This is a great food blog. I didn’t know they made these videos. The videos is new, i think it is the first one. Makes sense that the first video blog is about food.

They were posting something yesterday. Maybe they will do a cooking show here

Comment: The is the fountain at the old bazaar. It’s very poetic in a nice way. Very short.

Comment: He’s probably not from Skopje. These seem like traveler’s videos. I’d probably very exciting for him. I wonder why I never did this. Is he going to show us Skopje from the air?

Comment: He’s probably staying at Villa Vodno. He’s probably using his Iphone.

Are we creating people’s lives based on the videos that we are seeing?

Comment: This is a video of somebody going fishing. Fishing is all about patience.
Maybe he’s using the media to show his wife that he actually went fishing. I think he’s coming from Madjir Maalo, this is the name of the neighborhood. It’s a real fishing community, but more of a social thing. They are very self-organized and have a festival every year.

Comment: It doesn’t look like Madjir Maalo. I’m from around there, so I know what it looks like. Maybe somebody went there (to cut the logs).

Comment: They are two examples of bike movie genres.

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