NG- Skopje final map

Here is a compiled map of our two day research conducted during the New Geographies workshop. A full list of the videos with the comments are included here, here, here, here and here.

= Videos related to local politics. This is only a small sample, but Skopje is quite populated with them.

= Videos about everyday ephemera

= Videos that are of more a personal nature, s.a. testimonials or confessionals. Also, videos made by people that the workshop participants had met before or were friends of.
= Video documents from an ongoing series of protests Raspeani Skopjani (Singing Skopjans) taking place throughout Skopje. A group of activists have chosen singing as their form of protest, staging choir actions around the city and at public locations that are connected to the songs they perform.

Raspeani Skopjani (Singing Skopjans) is a statement, a form of protest, a last resort to be heard. An open and self-organized choir that uses well known or not-so-known songs put in the local Macedonian political context, in order to point out the anomalies of our community. We disapprove of moral panic, intolerance, hate speech, all sorts of discomfort created through the current discourse that the political stakeholders have accepted in the more recent Macedonian history.

We have an attitude, we disagree, we are concerned and then we sing about it. Performances in the public space are not announced, last as long as the song does, disregarding the weather conditions and/or other obstacles (threats, lack of attention, etc). Membership is open to all, as long as we share the same moral and political values.

The videos were geo-located by Ivana Dragsic, an artist and activist from Skopje who participated in the workshop. All performances can be found here on

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