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Grrls Meet in Different Ways Now

networked performance

with Ellen Røed


Grrls Meet in Different Ways Now was a three month networked exchange and intimate performance with Ellen Røed, a media artist from Trondheim, Norway.

It developed from our mutual need to experiment with more enhanced and diverse forms of communication through the internet that accurately reflected ourselves as creative beings working and interacting online. Using combinations of teleconferencing, cross-media synthesizer and video manipulation software (icq, ivisit, nato and keystroke) we conducted online meetings which were situated towards the collaborative building of a communal, mediated space.

These encounters started with spaces based on the “real” and the “everyday” and were conceptual explorations of time delay, feedback, multiple representations of actions and temporalities, composed together in a common landscape. The third, mediated space and how we place ourselves within it contained the emotive dynamics of our communication.