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Ménage à Trois

10 day site-specific and online performance and installation

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A human interface mediates conversations between online performers and the viewer sitting at the table.

The viewer’s only access to my on-line guest is through a small monitor that is attached to me on a leash. The online performer is able to see the person who is sitting across from me, but cannot see my interface persona. The viewer sitting across from me can see my online guest but not the text he/she is sending, nor the answers that I am inputting. By setting up a situation that simulates a one-to-one conversation one might have in a public setting, I am able to have a simultaneous three way conversation between myself, the person sitting with me and the mediated performer on the screen.

This piece was commisioned by Dierdre Logue for Orifice, a group installation of site-specific video installation works beginning with access to only one tiny video monitor each. Orifice was included in the installation program of the 2000 Images Independent Film and Video Festival, April 13 – 22, in Toronto.

Ménage à Trois was enacted with the collaboration of several online performers and web artists.

Amanda Steggell: Oslo
HC Gilje: Helsinki
Ellen Røed: Trondheim
Benjamin Lewis: Chicago
Daniel Aschwanden: Vienna
Michelle Kasprzak: Toronto