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The Hot Wired Live Electronic Resistance Network Art Party Plan

networked live art jam

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A weekend of ambient electronic theatre and live art activities from parallel performance spaces in Toronto, Moss (Norway) and Amsterdam joined through the internet.

It was designed to facilitate a two day dialogue between space, sound, image, within both the physical and telepresence environments. Participating artists worked with a variety of media processing and communication softwares, such Keystroke, Nato, Houdini, IVisit, incorporated with live electronic music and performance.

We called the event The Hotwired Live Electronic Resistance Network Art Party Plan because we were working as a team in a continual process of construction and deconstruction of various happenings, both on- and offline, engulfed in the spirit of playful ambience. 

Organizers of the event were Motherboard in Moss, the KeyStroke development team from The Society of Old and New Media in Amsterdam and Michelle Teran in collaboration with Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto.