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Getting from Point A to Point B


Developed for the re-active platform, atelier fuer multimedia&performance, KHM Koeln

Practical Exercises – a simple action of walking from A to B points out the complexity of that experience. Instead of diminishing, amplifying the complexity of the urban experience.

Using Georges Perec as a reference point.

Methodology: A series of exercises to find many different ways of describing a space. Using these descriptions to form research queries.

What remains are vast quantities of notes, images, quotes and citations; capable of being ordered and reordered in endlessly different constellations.

Practical Exercises:

1. walk : at the end describe how you got from a to b. think about the urban space that you just experienced in terms of how it is experienced in your own body. incorporate any historical information that you might know about this space.

2. walk with the scanner, side by side with camera to explore spatiality

3. walk with the sniffer. create a video that relates transmission sound to space

4. observation exercise: walk photographing everything that you see. how many buildings, how are they laid out, activities of the people, tally up activities too, how many people sitting, etc. carry on until the scene becomes improbable until you have the impression, for the briefest of moments, that you are in a strange town or, better still, until you can no longer understand what is happening or is not happening, until the whole place becomes strange, and you no longer even know that this is what is called a town, a street, buildings, pavements…

5. turn everything you see in terms of performative actions – take note of daily behaviour as if you were in a performance. include yourself in this performance

6. describe a space as if you were describing a system – what are all the parts of the system which are involved in making it work. include physical, informational, economic, infrastructures. 

7. as you are walking, strive with the greatest precision to imagine what is happening beneath the network of streets, the invisible underground, try to describe that with the utmost precision. 

8. write a letter to somebody that you saw on the street, as if they were a long lost friend.

9. as you walk imagine changes happening within that space. Speak these changes.