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A20 Recall

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Quebec City, Canada

The FTAA Summit of the Americas was a meeting of North, Central and South American leaders (with the exception of Cuba) where a proposed trade agreement to eliminate or reduce trade barriers would be discussed. In anticipation of the massive anti-globalization protests that this meeting would attract, the city became extremely militarized. Of the many extensive security measures, by far what attracted the most attention was a perimeter fence, dubbed “The Wall of Shame” which enclosed a large part of the old city, government buildings and also cut through the residential neighborhood of St. Jean Baptiste, transforming the city into a high security fortress.

Policeman shoots rubber bullet at a protestor.
Policeman shoots rubber bullet at a protestor.

Similar deployments have since appeared in other cities such as the G8 summits in Genoa and Heilingendamm and recent APEC Summit in Sydney, where the emptying of a space creates the conditions for the operation of power and where citizens become suspect. 

To understand the psychological effects and residual traces of these events within the cultural memory of the city, I walked around the area where the fence was installed. While retracing the border lines, interviews were conducted, in parks, on sidewalks and benches, in city workplaces, private businesses and homes, from which memories, perspectives and opinions were shared, many still very fresh in people’s minds. Images, text and tracings from this journey form a collaborative online map that are overlays of individual perceptions, experiences and consequences.

A20 Recall was developed during an artist-in-residency at La Chambre Blanche.

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