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Parasitic Video Interceptor (aka The Spy)

performance object

Used in: Parasitic Video Network

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The Parasitic Video Interceptor (aka The Spy) is portable device that captures and records live feeds from wireless surveillance cameras and augments them with a live sound scape consisting of live and pre-recorded audio that is generated by the visitors movement through an architectural space.

A camera built into the wearable device allows the person carrying it to also record ones movements through a space, to view oneself from above, below or from the side.

The hardware components consist of an engineered Arduino based audio player, analyzer and mixer, integrated with a digital video recorder and wireless receiver in a beautifully hand-stitched leather case.

Produced at The Interactive Institute through an artist-in-residency within the Art & Technology Program at Funding through an Alberta Create Development Initiative grant – Canada Council for the Arts.

Hardware design: Yoshiyuki Akai
Software programming: Erik Sjödin
Leatherwork: Gustav from Läderverkstan, Stockholm


detail of case

view from inside

detail of one of the circuit boards

The Parasitic Video Interceptor (aka The Spy) in action