what's this?
it's another television set.
[bell rings in the background]

[walk starts by a piece of graffiti that says "excuse me, i have a system to destroy"]

So if you just have this receiver and a monitor, then you can just walk around in the city and peek into people's lives.

If they have two television sets then you are watching the home movies on two different television sets at one time.

You could hook up your home movies on a vcr and then you could narrowcast them to the neighbourhood.

You could have a small street cinemas throughout the city, on the street corners.
[walking through an area filled with office buildings]

I would really love to see some images of a parking lot
It 's really so boring this scene of cars waiting for their owners

But you find that of all the public places that people go, they are most uneasy in [underground] parking lots
Is there a parking lot over there?
This is a very weird neighbourhood
This combination of apartment and office buildings which look exactly the same.

And what is this?

[points to an ugly piece of public art]

That is justice
There is a woman of justice and she's blinded and balancing, who made it?

[says name]

Is this sculpture is a reaction to the first one or another way around?
This is both 'frau justicia', but both completely different concepts of what an artwork is about.

One is blind justice, and one is blind artist.
Have you read Paul Auster's novel 'The City of Glass'?

The character is building a Tower of Babel by walking through the city. Every day he walks through another part of the city and walks out a letter, spelling out the name. He gathers objects he finds along the way, and builds piles with them.

I read that book more than ten years ago, and i had forgotten all about it.

I wonder if I stole his idea?

But then again we are always quite influenced by fiction.

[walks towards two more examples of uninspiring public sculpture]

It's so difficult to find good public art in the city
But how difficult can it be?
We are looking at this strange combination again.
The combination is incredibly weird.

And why do we even have to think about object
A public art piece can also be about process.

I think everybody is coming to that conclusion.

I mean these things...and here's another one

I mean what is that?

That is not art, this is just advertisement for Rabobank
It would be very exciting to find an open signal here.
[they find another camera]
[another camera is spotted]
[a snack shop is spotted]
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