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Berlin WALK

February 4, 2005


"In this shadowy world of snitches and constant surveillance, a pornographer named Carla (Carla Aulaulu) sells Joanna tidbits about Franz's activities.."

Carla Aulaulu selling information and porn out of her wicker handbag...The long, long static shots. The long, long silences.
---Gods of the Plague


A woman roams through the streets of Berlin, a city defined by being inbetween.

Prenzlauer Berg, a neighbourhood of former east Berlin inhabited by artists and alternative thinkers experienced a boom in the 90s and has one of the highest birthrates in Europe. Yet still, physical emptiness is one of the defining characteristics of the city.

Carla is a peddler and informant who trades secrets through images displayed on a suitcase that she carries. As a ubiquitous presence, she moves through the city and appears within private courtyards, street corners, and U-Bahn stops. The scenes that she uncovers are of transitional spaces, entrances, hallways, aisles and waiting rooms. They are inbetween spaces, mostly empty, except for the brief appearance of a sole person who just as quickly disappears.

The performance focuses on the qualities of time and space within these interstices, and is a series of silent tableaux between physical/mediated space.

performed during the Transmediale05 Festival (Berlin), 2005.
Nominated for Transmediale05 award