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September 3-5, 2005

The vocabulary of social description, past and present, brims with mobility and displacement. Those scattered beyond the bounds of the city have long been the subject of puzzlement and fantasy by those within the walls, as well as a metaphor of ways of being in the world

---John Durham Peters, exile, nomadism and diaspora

Early within the month of September, 2005, a figure appears and traverses through the city of Linz. Pulling a cart through the streets, an outsider to the daily lifestyles of the city's inhabitants. Using antennas made out of cans of food from around the world, she taps into and disrupts illusions of secure boundaries by exposing scenes of whatever needs protection, a doorway, a baby's crib, a street, a store, etc. The cans themselves are evidences of migratory pathways and fantasies; as artefacts from physical places, metaphoric depictions of dream lands filled with Corinthian pillars and sunsets over pastures, and cultural juxtapositions.

Linz Walk was commissioned by Ars Electronica for the Cyber Arts Exhibition and won Prix Ars Electronica honorary mention within the Interactive Art category. The work was presented in two modes, as an installation within the OK Centrum and a series of three street performances. The installation featured the broadcast cart playing back performance documentation and a video projection of an animated map, a cartographic depiction of wireless surveillance within Linz. During the performances the cart was removed from the gallery and used to capture and display live feeds throughout the city.