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Montréal WALK

May 19, 2005

notes provided by Marie-Christiane about the site:

"This area became a dead area ever since the freeway was put up
the highway is like a wall that separates one area from the next
recent attempts have been made to revitalize the area
new building activities
such as Complexe Guy-Favreau"

additonal notes:

the underground city is beneath us

During Agnès Varda's 1986 film 'Vagabond, the viewer is first introduced to Mona, a drifter, as a frozen corpse. For the rest of the film, through interviews and flashbacks, Varda uses other people's memories to construct an image of the drifter, as she moves from village to village, in the deadness of a French winter.

In Montréal a small group is led through China Town and into the parking lot of the Haunted House dinner theatre where a female vagabond wearing a leather jacket and backpack and carrying a portable cd player stands waiting. They are led on a nomadic journey through a dead/non dead area of Montréal by this transient woman who acts as a (silent) medium to the unseen. The walk takes them past construction sites with billboards depicting futuristic scenes of condominium dwellers, into the dead spaces of alleyways, across Boulevard René Lévesque (famous for his fight for Quebec separatism), and finally ending in front of the Hudson's Bay Company.

This performance was commissioned for the HTMLLES07 Festival and developed through a co-production at StudioXX.