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Typical Nottingham cave as drawn by Paul Nix before commencing
our tour of caves within the city.

© The Radiator Festival

Wireless CCTV captured and broadcasted in the same area where caves were found.

nottingham walk

December 1-4 , 2005

NOTES - Paul

If you go into this shop and lift the carpet up, remove five floor boards. You can drop into a cave cellar.

I lifted the grate and shone the torch. There was a flight of stairs. He didn't know it was there. I'm standing at the far end looking back at the stairs.

Can you see that little grate? Where there's some little bits of greenery sticking out? Can you see this depression here? You go down there. You crawl into a cave that site underneath this yard*


The route for Nottingham Walk was directed by another of the city's invisible networks. Nottingham is riddled with hundreds of man-made caves built as early as 900 AD to service every facet of urban life, commerce, confinement, protection, leisure, etc. The caves, most of them located on private property, are unseen, and possibly even unknown by the general public.

Nottingham Walk started at the 'The Old Lace Market, a future site for ultra modern condominiums and promising a new era for the contemporary urban dweller. In it's present state it was a construction area where a vaulted ceiling of a typical cave could be spotted peeking through the sand.

Hidden surveillance views were rebroadcasted onto the architectural skin of the city using a hand-held projector hidden in a ladies purse. The hidden scenes bled into the visible views of the city, creating a series of improvised and ephemeral, hybrid spaces.

*Transcribed from conversations with Paul Nix, member of the Nottingham Hidden History Team.

The NHHT was a group of amatuer urban archeologists dedicated to highlighting the city's rich history of man-made caves. From 1965 to the late 80s the NHHT excavated and documented approximately 100 caves located underneath the city.

Nottingham Walk was commissioned by the Radiator Festival.