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site for Stuttgart21

stuttgart walk

October 20-23 , 2005

Is there a place within a (familiar or unfamiliar) part of the city that you have always been curious about but couldn't get to because it was private and inaccessible? Or perhaps an area of the city that has always seemed interesting for you but you don't know that much about?


For Stuttgart
I invited 5 people who live in the city to guide me and and a small group of co-walkers to areas within the city that are for them in some way invisible or unknown. At the same time we would scan for wireless CCTV making the entire journey a shared exploration of the hidden spaces and stories of the city.

Some of the areas and sites we visited were Stuttgart's red light district, a hotel buried underneath the plaza of City Hall, a private home on the top of a hill,
a site for future development (Stuttgart21) whose streets are virtually marked on the city map but physically not there and a long winding street that begins quite prominently with clear views of the city, but ends up quite forgotten.

Stuttgart Walk was commissioned by Wand5 for Media Space05.