Life: a user's manual  
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Concepts and methodologies for 'Life: a user's manual' were developed during a 2002/2003 new media research residency at Waag Society for Old and New Media (Amsterdam), supported by The Canada Council for the Arts/Le Conseil des Arts du Canada.

Additional funding has been provided through a 2005 production grant of the media arts section of the Canada Council for the Arts/Conseil des Arts du Canada.

going technical, emotional and creative support graciously provided by Jeff Mann.

Sponsors and collaborators

The Radio 100 Walk was a collaboration with Radio 100 and broadcasted during The Playgarden programme hosted by Hanneke de Feyter.
Also thanks to Diederik Boel and Marco Meijer.

The Impakt Walk was commissed by the Impakt Festival and curated by Derek Holzer for the Out of the Box [Net.Art and the 'Real World'] programme.
Special thanks to Ryan Parteka and MeerTV for production assistance.

The Argos Walk was commissioned by the Argos Festival and curated by Nat Muller for the Politics of Noise programme. Special thanks to Mira, Karen and all the staff at Argos.

The Vooruit walk was commissioned by Vooruit and curated by Eva DeGroote for the Das Verwanten 2 festival. Special thanks to all the staff at Vooruit and Dastheater.

The Version walk was carried out around the Version>04 Festival. Special thanks to all the organizers including Yoshie Suzuki, Ed Marszewski, Jon Cates and Matt Malooly. Material gathered from these walks was later used in ECHOLocal an exhibition of audio works curated by Paul Sargeant.

The Berlin Walk was commissioned by the Transmediale05 festival, also nominated for the Transmediale05 award. Special thanks to all the Transmediale staff including Vera Tollmann and Christiane Grün.

Montréal Walk was commissioned by StudioXX for the HTMLLES festival. Special thanks to everybody at StudioXX including Karen Wong, Marie-Christiane Mathieu and Bérengère Marin Dubuard.

Linz Walk was commissioned by the Ars Electronica 05 festival, also awarded honorary mention within the Interactive category of Priz Ars Electronica. The work was presented as an installation within the Cyber Arts Exhibition at the OK Centrum and also a series of performances. Special thanks to everybody at the OK Centrum including Genoveva Rückert, Gottfried Gusenbauer, Birgit Benetseder, Martina Rauschmayer, Franz Quirchtmayer, and Markus (my personal technician!).

Stuttgart Walk was commissioned by Wand5 and curated by Xenia Leydel for the Media Space 05 event. Special thanks to Xenia, Alexander Köpf, Till Franitza, Wiktoria Pelzer, Stephanie Eichler, Bastian Hollschwandner, Nicole Rebmann and the rest of the entirely supportive staff and network around Wand5!

Cardiff Walk was commissioned by the May You Live In Interesting Times Festival. Thanks to Hannah Firth, Ali Roche, Dean Woolford, Gordon Dalton, Emma Posey and all the incredibly supportive people around the festival.

Nottingham Walk was commissioned by the Radiator Festival. Thanks to Miles Chalcraft, Anette Schäfer and all the supportive staff and volunteers of the festival. Special thanks to Paul Nix for sharing his Nottingham cave experiences and incredible photo documentation with me.

Barcelona Walk was commissioned by the Sonar Festival. Thanks for José Luis de Vicente, Oscar Abril Ascaso, Josep Casellas, Tess Renaudo, Guillermo and all the Sonar staff.

Hallesches Tor Walk was commissioned by Trampoline for the First Play Berlin event. Thanks to Bettina, Miles, Anette, Sirko and all the technical staff for Trampoline and HAU2.