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Public (Street) Performance

During the street performances, the audience is led on a journey through the city, guided through a series of hidden views by an urban and nomadic persona, who acts as a physical interface to the unseen.

The female character is characterized by her mobility and embodies the qualities of the wireless signal, nomadic, transient and unseen. These personae allude to the metaphoric power of wandering and draw attention to various nomadic people and practices that fall out of the margins of a more static, dominant culture. As a wanderer, drifter, migrant and vagabond, the character, through her transience, inhabits spaces improperly, that is to stay in one place.

The audience, led on this nomadic journey, is drawn into a borderline action of observing a normally unseen and ephemeral view of public and private space. Staged as a silent 'mise-en-scène' which no offer of explanation, the audience participates in the production of meaning through their observation and interpretation. The result is a multi-layered reading of what is happening and what they are seeing.

past performances

Argos Walk

Berlin Walk

Montréal Walk

Linz Walk

Cardiff Walk

Nottingham Walk

Participatory Walks

A limited number of participants are given some scanning and recording devices and walk through the city with me. A small device is used to capture images from surveillance cameras in the neighborhood during the walk, images from shops, lobbies of flats, banks, restaurants, etc. Although the intention is to record the live video feeds for the purposes of plotting them on a map, there is equally very strong social component where participants share and discuss what effect these voyeuristic walks are having on them. These intimate experiences become catalysts for conversations about how we perceive and inhabit space, what is private, what is public, mapping, memory and issues of control.

Online maps created from the walks are collages, intersections of surveillance footage, images from the street, conversations and annotations.

past events

Radio 100 Walk - live street reportage within Amsterdam. In collaboration with Radio 100

Impakt Walk - collaborative mapping of Utrecht

Vooruit Walk - collaborative mapping of Gent

Stuttgart Walk - collaborative walks about the invisible